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In order to protect your buildings and improve your living environment, Suncica Waterproof has developed a waterproofing method that has been proven through field application practice based on the advice of technical experts in the fields of architecture, chemistry, and textiles.

We are pleased to introduce a waterproofing method that you can trust and be satisfied with with Suncica Waterproof's new technology and materials, which is completely different from the existing waterproofing method. All of our Suncica waterproofing staff are still doing their best to research and develop better waterproofing materials and construction methods with a unified mind. In addition, we wish our customers endless development.


Shin hyun su

Management Philosophy

  • 01

    People who care about the environment
    Use of eco-friendly materials (eco-friendly raw materials, waste recycling)
  • 02

    Society to live together
    A portion of sales is donated or volunteered
  • 03

    We do not settle for reality, but prepare a new day for better technology development
    (Renewing day by day)
  • 04

    Repay with trust
    Phone number that hasn't changed in over 30 years(053-952-5106)