Top Coat

  • The top coat is a waterproof topcoat for roofs designed with methyl methyl acrylate and butyl acrylate resin as main components. This is a top coat for the subsequent painting of the new C-L coat and the repair painting of the existing C-L coat. It dries quickly and has excellent workability, adhesion, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, crack resistance, UV protection, etc., thereby increasing the durability of the building.

    Use: waterproof topcoat for various structures, roofs of buildings and other parts

    painting specification

Material data

Finish stateSemi-glossColourGreen, gray and each color
Surface to be drawnSemi-treated concrete, cement mortar, shingle roof, panel, etcFurtherance1liquid
Packaging unit18LNumber of coats 1 time (depending on the working environment)
Recommended amount0.3L (m2)
※Consider the amount of loss and surface condition when painting
Storage duration12 months (when stored indoors at 5-35°)
Dry to touch (min)302015
Cure drying (hours)21.51
Complete drying (days)201512
Repainting interval (hours)12 ~ 488 ~ 484 ~ 48

※The contents presented in this document were obtained according to laboratory tests and field application results, but may be changed according to quality improvement or working conditions