C-L Coat

  • C-L Coat is an intermediate coating for roof waterproofing designed mainly with EVA, acrylic emulsion resin and paint. It has good resistance to shrinkage and expansion due to temperature difference of building materials and prevents moisture from penetrating into cracks

    Use: Middle for preventing cracks in structures, intermediate for waterproofing on roofs and other parts of buildings

    Painting specification

Material data

Finish stateSemi-glossColourGreen, gray and each color
Surface to be drawnConcrete, Cement mortar, Shingle roof, Panel, etc.Furtherance1liquid
Packaging unit20㎏Number of coats2-3 times
Recommended amount2 ~ 3kg (m2)
※Consider the amount of loss and surface condition when painting
Storage duration12 months (when stored indoors at 5-35°)
Dry to touch (min)642
Cure drying (hours)1296
Complete drying (hours)482418
Repainting interval (hours)12 ~ 608 ~ 484 ~ 48

※The contents presented in this document were obtained according to laboratory tests and field application results, but may be changed according to quality improvement or working conditions